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This is course #1 in the guide: Building Angular 2+ Apps

Getting Started with Angular v2+ (works with v4) [Free Course]

Angular v4 brings many improvements and changes to AngularJS.

Angular v2 (now v4) is a big break from Angular 1, all with good reasons. There is a lot to learn when making the jump to Angular 2 and ES6 (the next version of JS). Angular 2 brings a lot of forward-thinking ideas to the framework to build amazing apps.

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There are 26 lessons in this course. 2.1 hours of learning!

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Let's explore all the changes coming in Angular 2. If you come from the world of Angular 1, you may have heard that Angular 2 is a complete code change.

Angular 2 is a huge change from Angular 1 code. With good reasons and cool new features.

While this can seem scary, let's take a step back and look into what exactly is going on with the new version. There are reasons why Angular 2 is so different. In this course, we'll take a look at how we can get started with Angular 2 and see all the cool new features Angular 2 provides.

What we'll learn

  • Why Angular 2 is such a big break from Angular 1
  • What new features Angular 2 has
  • How to setup Angular 2
  • How to use TypeScript to transpile ES6 code
  • How to use System.js to load ES6 imports
  • How to create components in Angular 2
  • How to let components talk to each other
  • How to use forms in Angular 2
  • How to create form validations
  • See the future of Angular!

What we'll build

We'll be creating our very own Angular 2 starter kit.

We'll also build our first Angular 2 app: